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Maximize your pouring power

The fully automated revolution in beer dispenser technology.

2000 piv / hod. Made in Austria.

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Beerjet can do what no other can

BEERJET V├ím ┼íet┼Ö├ş n├íklady

Combined with NFC payments even faster!

Beerjet in action

Hockey, football, music festivals, cultural events and more ...

Beerjet is a must for every event with a large number of visitors. Beerjet taps quickly and accurately and saves up to 70% of the cost of staff - making the most of every action.

Up to 2000 beers in 0.5l cups or glasses per hour can be tapped with one or two operators with the most popular Beerjet 6 model.

Endless queues are a thing of the past!

Beerjet in many variants ­čŹ║

Depending on your requirements and needs, we have the right Beerjet for you. Whether fixed or mobile, whether big or small - choose Beerjet to suit you.

First Class Tap - just by pressing a button

The more guests you have, the more you will appreciate Beerjet's strengths.
You will be tapping faster than guests will be drinking. No matter where you use Beerjet. At the bar, restaurant, stadium or meadow. Everywhere quickly, accurately, simply and without queues.

Ilustra─Źn├ş obr├ízek

Crucibles & Glass

Whether it is disposable or reusable cups or glass - Beerjet will serve everyone

Ilustra─Źn├ş obr├ízek

Small big

From 0.2l to 1 liter - Beerjet doesn't matter in size.

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Ze sudu i tanku

Beerjet taps well from keg, tank and tank - for both fixed and mobile use

Super-super-super tap

Beerjet is a win for all - for your guests, employees, but also for you. With many of the benefits Beerjet offers, it means winning for you.

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Satisfied guests

Waiting time becomes extremely short. Instead of waiting in the queue, guests will already enjoy their beer.

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Exact measure

Podm├şr├ík? Never! With Beerjet, you tap as much beer as you want. And this applies to every single cup or glass.

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Higher profit

Min. 30% more profit. 70% saving of staff (2 people, training 2 min.). Instead of tapping, your employees will take care of guests and sell more at the same time.

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Quick check

After the action and during the event, you will have accurate sales numbers (no more speculations). Beerjet automatically records all operational indicators, including the foam button.

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Intuitive operation

Working with Beerjet is so simple that it doesn't require any lengthy training. Your entire staff can handle it in a split second.

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Automatic self-cleaning is very simple, meets hygiene requirements and ensures consistent beer quality.

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