Super-super-super tap

Beerjet is a win for all - for your guests, employees, but also for you. With many of the benefits Beerjet offers, it means winning for you.

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Satisfied guests

Waiting time becomes extremely short. Instead of waiting in the queue, guests will already enjoy their beer.

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Exact measure

Podmírák? Never! With Beerjet, you tap as much beer as you want. And this applies to every single cup or glass.

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Higher profit

Min. 30% more profit. 70% saving of staff (2 people, training 2 min.). Instead of tapping, your employees will take care of guests and sell more at the same time.

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Quick check

After the action and during the event, you will have accurate sales numbers (no more speculations). Beerjet automatically records all operational indicators, including the foam button.

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Intuitive operation

Working with Beerjet is so simple that it doesn't require any lengthy training. Your entire staff can handle it in a split second.

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Automatic self-cleaning is very simple, meets hygiene requirements and ensures consistent beer quality.

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